What Maintenance does an air conditioner need?

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Top Tips On Maintaining Your Air Conditioner For Best Performance

Today’s air conditioner units are complex high tech machines. They’ve gone through many changes that have made them more energy efficient than ever before and they no longer destroy the ozone layer or cause as many greenhouse gases as before. They need as much or more care and maintenance as ever but should last longer as well. Here are some great tips on how to maintain your air conditioner.

Efficiency And Longevity Are The Goals

Some of the maintenance tasks you perform will make your air conditioner more efficient. The key reason you want that is to reduce your energy bills. However, another reason is that, when your air conditioner is running more efficiently it’s also running fewer hours to do the same job. Fewer hours running will translate directly into a longer lifetime. That’s how efficiency is related to longevity.

The newer coolants that scientists have developed also are more efficient, up to 20%, so they use less energy to cool your home to the same level. At the same time, they should also last up to 20% longer because they are running fewer hours. The newer coolants run under a higher pressure so the piping inside an air conditioner must be stronger but converting an older unit to run on the newer coolant is also much harder.

Keeping Your Air Conditioner Clean

This is the first, and one of the most important steps to maintenance. The outside part, called the condensing unit, needs to have plenty of free airflow. Don’t lean your lawn chairs and bicycles against it and keep the weeds cut too. It has coils inside that should be cleaned regularly to allow them to be at their top performance. You can spray the fins on the condensing unit every month with a garden hose to clean them. Don’t use a pressure washer though, it’s too powerful.

The inside unit of your air conditioner will have a filter and it should be cleaned or replaced often. The coils should also be cleaned regularly, more often if you have lots of pets or dust in your home. If you have central air, with duct-work feeding the whole house, then you should vacuum the intakes and registers as deep into the ducts as you can each month. Then about once per year have the entire system vacuumed out professionally. This will help keep your home cleaner and reduce allergies as well.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Call your local air conditioning professionals and find out when their slow season is, ask for coupons if they have them, and schedule your yearly maintenance for those times. They’ll look for leaks, test the pressure, and make sure you’re fully charged.

By keeping your air conditioner well maintained and clean, you can expect it to last longer and perform better over the years. If you have to, write on your new calendar your regular cleanings and filter changes so you don’t forget. When it’s not hot outside, the air conditioner is probably the last thing on your mind. But when summer hits, you’ll want it to work immediately, and the AC repairman will be backed up for weeks with panicked customers that waited too long.

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