Servicing Your Air Conditioner Colorado Springs

Servicing Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner as an investment in your home, best to service it regularly to protect your family. Keeping your family comfortable at home, but it provides a good home. Your AC Unit should be at peak efficiency a priority to keep the maintenance expenses low. Homeowners invest in high-quality air conditioners but most forget to ensure that their units are regularly serviced until its becomes a need to fix.

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Regular AC Service is priority

Your AC unit dont need to show problems before adding a regular servicing is essential. To prevent breakdowns and emergency expenses to fix, increases dependability of your AC unit. Regular servicing of your AC ensures that the unit operates at almost peak efficiency at all times. Without properly maintaining and servicing your AC unit, will lower its efficiency by over 20%. Most experts have warned that for each year your unit goes without servicing it’s efficiency decreases by 5%. Regular servicing enables your unit to regain 95% of efficiency and lower your electric bill.

Regular Servicing will save you money

With regular servicing, potential problems can be avoided and costly repairs in the future. Small issues Ac units can require more expensive repairs. Regular servicing should be a part of your investment since without it, your home will be hard to live in, numerous repairs or even replacing your unit. Think about how expensive quality air conditioners are, servicing your unit regularly makes a lot of sense.

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your AC unit, A properly maintained and servicing your AC UNIT can serve you for over a decade even reaching 15 years.

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A good working AC unit can promote better health to your family, and that is priceless. Pets or elderly can benefit with better circulation regulating the temperature, air conditioners also trap dust and dirt from the air and provide fresh air. With regular servicing and maintenance, the dust and dirt accumulate in the filters. Prevention can elimate unwanted dusty air, keep it clean.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

If you ask any air conditioner expert, he/she will tell you that servicing your air conditioner at least once a year is enough to ensure that your unit operates at optimum efficiency. Schedule a servicing session once per year is definitely not a lot to ask, it shouldn’t have a significant impact on your busy schedule and is affordable.

Air conditioners can accumulate dirt and dust in critical areas such as the filters and the coils. The dirt accumulation is what greatly reduces the efficiency of an air conditioner. Regular servicing, the professional inspects the unit for issues and clean out the filters, coils and the condenser. A heating and cooling expert should conduct an extensive inspection of your unit to ensure that everything is in order, for example, the refrigerant levels, operating pressures, motor and connections.

Every companies charges different rates for AC servicing so doing some research to find the right one. The quality of service should be your main consideration. If you want a free estimate and a servicing plan that will save you money you can click here to

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