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Use Our Northeast Colorado Springs Air Conditioning Service

We offer Northeast Colorado Springs air conditioning services here at Basset Air Conditioning. We want to help you get your AC into working condition at all times so you can be comfortable in your home. Here are some of the ways that we can help you and some general information on what to expect from us.

Don’t try to do AC work on your own. We are professionals so we know how to service AC units without anything going wrong with the process. We have been trained and know what it takes to take apart a unit, find the problem, fix it, and then put the unit back together again. We also know when it’s time to replace a unit so we can tell you what we think the best course of action is. Just don’t try to do the work yourself or you could damage your unit or hurt yourself.

Our company can do an inspection for you so you can tell whether there is anything wrong with your AC unit or not. You want to get an inspection done before you need to use your air conditioner just to make sure it’s going to work right when you need it. But, if you notice a problem and you need help quickly because it’s hot outside, we can send someone out right away to help you. Generally it’s best to get it looked at a week or more before it gets hot outside so you know if it’s going to need to be fixed or not.

When you work with us you’re going to get good services at good prices. We work hard to make sure our prices are fair so that customers come to us with their needs. We know that if we price our services at too high of a price, we’re not going to get much business so we keep a good average price on our services. Contact us with your needs and we can let you know what you’ll have to pay so you can see that it’s worth your money and time to do business with us.

Now you know more about what we have to offer here at Basset Air Conditioning. You can contact us now if you want to get your AC checked out whether it’s working well or not. You never know, we could find a small issue that will be cheaper to fix now rather than later!

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